“Fight, fall, stand up – how you can lead yourself successfully to your own aims”

As a javelin thrower, Christina Obergföll has won a gold medal at World championships, two Silver medals at European championships as well as a Silver and Bronze medal at Olympic games. She holds the German record with 70,20 m and is former holder of the European record (70,03 m). With the performance she achieved in 2005, she was at this point in time the only female, which threw the javelin over 70 metres besides the Cuban Osleidys Menéndez. In 2013 Christina Obergföll was voted Sportswoman of the year in Germany.

In gripping presentations and speeches, Christina Obergföll shares the experiences which she has picked up in her javelin-career. In her natural way she shows up chances for her listeners, how they achieve success in private life and at work through stable health and inner balance. Because: Only if you know your own personal strengths and weaknesses, you can lead yourself with great discipline and stand up after a defeat.

With her lively and brisk presentations, Christina Obergföll excites many people outside sport stadiums. Her vitality and competence which she has also gained through her study of health management, have an interesting impact to her listeners: They switch from inactive to action-oriented thinking and transform their aims into success. 

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