Werner Daniels

“When Christina performs a perfect throw we cannot guarantee anything." Werner Daniels has been Christina’s coach since 1997. He is the great man supporting her in the background.

Bernd Götzenberger

Bernd also exerts much influence on my success in sports. Being my masseur and physiotherapist he considerably contributes to my physical well-being.


Boris Obergföll

Christina’s husband Boris is a member of her Competence team since October 2012. „Boris is as solid as a rock“, says Christina. A fantastic coach: He covers her back – in terms of sport as well as in private life.

Dr. Schmiederer

He is the man taking care of all my little aches and pains. Five years ago, he excited me the first time with his very special mix out of osteopathy and chiropractic. Since then I visit him regularly for my prevention, injury-prophylaxis or when I’m troubled by acute problems.