Achieving my athletic peaks alongside my husband is a very special present for me. It gives me tremendously more power to achieve my athletic successes along with my husband, to know that I have somebody, who goes through all ups and downs of life with me. Boris is a former 90-metre javelin thrower and won two Bronze medals at World championships. Since 2004 he supports me as my technique coach in the training phase and build-ups as well as during the competitions.

My greatest success is dates back to the year 2013: the Gold medal at the World championships in Moscow. And my private life couldn’t have been better in that year: In September Boris and I married in a private circle near Offenburg.

Breaking away from the public eye every now and then has always been of prime importance to me. As Boris and me go the same way, it is easer for us to coordinate our job and private life. During the training, we work on a highly professional level and leave our relationship on the side. But back home we have a clear focus on our family – the topic javelin is virtually non-existent. That is our way, to calm down and never loose the ground below our feet.

In June 2014 I gave birth to my son Marlon: In the following months I took a timeout. Boris and I were fully focused on the family. But by now I have started my training again – the big aim are the Olympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. 

Besides my sport I follow my social engagement: Not only because of my child, matters of the little ones are a major concern of mine.